Having acquired such a status in educational equipment and having created a number of facilities...

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We believe that children should not be limited in finding their true potential. When they...

As a parent-friendly school, we offer scholarships to a number of students and to keep...

About School

At G.R.I.S Kanina, we are always open to change. The management of the school inspires the staff, the students and the parents to accept change as an irrefutable law of nature. So we are perpetually innovative.

We continuously update our knowledge, skills and attitudes and upgrade our infrastructure.

As a parent-friendly school, we offer scholarships to a number of students and to keep ourselves aligned with the community, we organise free health camps for the general public with the help of renowned specialists from prestigious hospitals.

Needless to say that we cannot accomplish these and the other activities stated above without the encouragement and cooperation of our management, various educational authorities, the staff, the parents and the students. So we always feel beholden to them and hope that their blessings, guidance, cooperation and good wishes will always remain available to us.

The school has a wide lush green campus of 6 acres with all facilities of sport and other recreational activities. The pollution free environment with fresh natural air facilitates the learning process.

G.R.I.S Kanina Gahara Raod, Kanina, Distt. Mahendergarh is a Co-educational English medium school follows a curriculum of C.B.S.E. The school is managed by Rao Gugan Ram Shiksha Samiti, Kanina. The School has now classes from LKG to XII .

The Motto

"Knowledge is Power" is the motto of the school. Rendering of enlightened leadership being a major component of our motto, we don't stick to obsolete ways. Ours is an ever-widening horizon, embracing the eternal past, the refreshing present and the alluring future. We believe that there is no escape from such synthesis.

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the school centre round the multi - dimensional growth and development of the child's personality in an atmosphere where there is joy of learning and immense scope for individual creativity. Innovation and expressiveness are twin blessings accessible to the administrative staff, the teaching faculty and the student community. G.R.I.S Kanina has a clear vision on child education, which is an integral part of our nation’s development. The school believes in all round development of the student, so that they may reach on the pinnacle of the advanced, dynamic and cultured society. The school delivers its best effort to empower the students with right knowledge values and standards.

The school aims at the affective, cognitive and psychomotor learning of every child which are very essential for their all round development, in this regard, various co curricular and recreational activities are conducted in the school with a fine edged methodology of teaching and training.



1. To provide holistic education of the latest variety.

2. To imbibe a good value system that combines the spirit of everlasting

    Indian Culture and emerging universal human values.

3. To create dynamic children who can render useful service to humanity and

    make their own lives happy and prosperous.

4. To equip our students with the latest knowledge and Modern Skills.

5. To focus on realising their individual personalities the maximum.

6.      We are commited to the community service–reach out to the masses and remove their pain and enhance joy in life. We are progressive & flexible, do not hesitate to drop outworn system/traditions and open our arms to propound new ideas, strategies & new teaching & learning techniques.