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Chairman Message

It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to the website of the G.R.I. S  Kanina  you are an existing parent or student coming back to the site regularly, or someone who is looking in to find out more about The G.R.I. S  Kanina community, I hope that you find what you are looking for.

A school is no longer circumscribed by its buildings, land infrastructure or bricks and mortar. As a result, a website like this is not just a communication vehicle. It is an extension of the school itself. As a result, we are very open to all feedback you can give us. Share with us your experience of using the website, your ideas for how it can serve you even better.

The school’s character is shaped and defined by the Mission Statement- a very actively debated and discussed statement of purpose that really seeks to encapsulate what the G.R.I. S  Kanina considers important. This statement is not just one of those things which was cooked up by a group of people in a room one day, written down and then left to look after itself.

To strengthen the Mission we conducted a big exercise to determine the four core values that underpin it. After much deliberation we identified; Pride in One’s Heritage & Culture, integrity, Sensitivity and the Pursuit of Excellence. Again, it would be very easy for these to be just treated as some nice words and left alone. However, these values are hotly debated amongst staff and students throughout the school. The children conduct assemblies, plays and skits based upon the values as themes and classroom debates bring each of the values alive for even our youngest pupils. The aim is that we don’t just talk about these values-we really live them day in and day out.

The nature of education is changing in India in order to equip young people with the skills and competence to fulfill their potential in a world changing ever more rapidly. Learning can no longer be delivered in a one size fits all way, but instead needs to respond to the potentiality in each child and the aspirations of each parent. That is our aim in The G.R.I. S  Kanina.

I hope that the following pages will give you an understanding of why we have been ranked the Most Respected School in Mahendergarh district.

Welcome to G.R.I. S  Kanina !

Mr. Vijay Pal  Yadav